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Department of Automation Engineering And Institute of Mechatronoptic Systems



NameFarn-Shing Chen


TitleProfessor/ President


Tel:886-4-7111111 ext:1210



 Educational Background

Ph.D. Dept. of Industrial Education and Technology, Iowa State University. U.S.A.


Dept. of Industrial Education. National Taiwan Normal University.


Dept. of Vocational Education. Provincial Taiwan College of Education



Professor and Dean. College of Technology. National Changhua University of Education


Professor and Chairman. Dept of Industrial Education and Technology. National Changhua University of Education


Professor and Dean of General Affairs. National Changhua University of Education


Associate Professor and Director of Computer Center. National Changhua University of Education

Research Group



Educational Research and Statistics


Vocational Education

NameWen-Hsien Kao


Title Professor


Room location:  B18


Tel:886-4-7111111 ext:3921



 Educational Background

PhD.,Dept. of Mechanical Engineering,National Cheng Kung University


Assistant Professor,Associate Professor,Dept.of  Mechanical Engineering of Air Force Institute of Technology

Research Group



DLC coating performance and application


Mos2 solid lubricating films performance

NameChi-Sheng Tsai


Title Professor


Room location: M708


Tel:886-4-7111111 ext:3815



Educational Background

PhD., in A.C & S.E.,University of Sheffield,UK


Researcher, Office of Planning, Industrial Technology Institute 


Associate Professor, Deparment of IE &M,Shu-teh Junior Technology College


Associate Professor, Deparment of EE, Chien Kuo Institute of Technology


Director, MOTRC, Chien Kuo Institute of Technology

Research Field

AutomatedProduction Systems


Infor-Mechatronoptic Systems


Intelligent Control


Image Processing and Its Application

NameJee-Ray Wang


TitleAssociate Professor/Director


Room location: M709


Tel:886-4-7111111 ext:38142400



Educational Background

PhD.,Institute of  Aeronautics and  Astronautics, National Cheng Kung University


Director, Aeronautical System Research Division,Chung Shan Institute of Science & Technology

Research Group

The Applications of Artificial Neural Networks in Engineering

NameYaug-Fea Jeng


TitleAssociate Professor / Deputy President


Room location: M512-2


Tel:886-4-7111111 ext:24141700



 Educational Background

Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Oklahoma State University, U.S.A


Deputy President, Air force Institute of Technology


Deputy Director, Bureau of C2I, D.O.D.


Deputy Director, Computer and Information Center, C.A.F.


Department Head, Logistic Division, A.I.D.C.


Associate Researcher, Aircraft System, A.R.L., C.S.I.S.T.

(Research Group)

Design of Flight Control System


Design of Integrated Power System


Dynamic Systems:Analysis and Simulation


Integration Test of Flight Control System


NamePin-Lin Liu


TitleAssociate Professor


Room location:ee513


Tel:886-4-7111111 ext: 13003257


Educational Background


National Changhua University of Education,Research Institute,Ph.D.


National Changhua University of Education,Research Institute,Motor group,master's degree



Lianjie shooting equipment repair



Masanori Commercial College School of Electrical Engineering teachers


Jianguo Industrial and Commercial School of Electrical Division lecturer


Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering Division of Jianguo Industry and Commerce School

Research Group


Control System


Digital control


Industrial power distribution


Interior wiring


Industrial education

NameHsi-Chuan Huang




Room location: M511-2


Tel:886-4-7111111 ext:2412



Educational Background

Ph.D., Department  of  Marine  Resource, National  Sun  Yat-sen  University.




Visiting Scholar, Department of Civil Engineering Charlotte, N.C., USA

Research, Division of Biology, Kansas State University, USA


Consultant, PSF technology Co.,Ltd


Research Group


Agricultural Machinery Engineering


Automated Production System


The Automatic Indoor Re-circulation Shrimp Farm System


Mechatronoptic System

NameMiao-Ju Chuang


TitleAssociate Professor


Room location: M513-1





Educational Background

Ph. D. in Materials Science and Engineering from National Sun Yat-sen University


Sr. Engineer, Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation


Researcher, Material and Chemical Research Labs. of Industrial Technology Research Institute

Research Group

Opto-electronic Devices, Plasma Processing, Thin Film Technology & IC Technology

NameLiang-Yih Liu


TitleAssistant Professor


Room location: M514-2


Tel:886-4-7111111 ext:2418



Educational Background

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University


M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University


R&D Engineer

Research Group

Mechanic and control

NameYuan-Gee Lee


Title Assistant Professor


Room location:  M710


Tel:886-4-7111111 ext:3813



           Educational Background

PhD.,Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering , National Tsing  Hwa University


Assistant Engineering,Chinese General Plastics Co.Ltd.


Senior Engineering,Analog Technology Co.Ltd.


Postdoctor,,National Cheng Kung University

                   Research Group

Research of Nanometer materials


Electrochemical Sesnors

NameMao-Lin Chen


TitleAssistant Professor / College of Continuing Education Director


Room location: M513-1202


Tel:886-4-7111111 ext: 24156005



 Educational Background

Ph.D. , Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology



Instructor and Chairman of Department of Electronics, Da Der Commercial and Technical Vocational School


Instructor of Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering, Dayeh University Consultant of Electric Machinery


Huang Dao Enterprise

Research Group

Robotic Control

PLC Automatic Control

Microprocessor and Image Processing

Intelligent Control and Speech Recognition

NameChao-Hung Chen


TitleAssistant Professor


Room location: EE304A


Tel:886-4-7111111 ext:3230



 Educational Background

EE Master, National Taiwan University


 Assistant Professor of EE Department, Chienkuo Technology University

Research Group

Power Electronics

Industrial power distribution

Robot Control System

Electrical Vehicle Drives

NameShih-Kuen Changchien


TitleAssistant Professo


Room location: EE305


Tel:886-4-7111111 ext:3289



Educational Background

PhD., Dept. of Electrical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University


Power Electronics R & D Engineer, Universal Scientific Industrial Co., Ltd.

Section Manager, Sunfone Electronic Co.

Senior Engineer, Technology Transfer & Business Incubation Center (Sino-American Electronics Co., Ltd), National Cheng Kung University

Research Group

Power conversions, Lighting and Motor Driver Design